Alhedron®, your thermal partner

We make your thermal system excel by providing open-cell metal foam products designed for your application.

Alhedron solves thermal problems for industrial manufacturers.

We optimize your application by combining our best-in-class proprietary design tools with our expertise in thermal systems and know-how about metal foam.

We create fully integrated and customer specific designs and make sure your application benefits in the best way from the unique advantages of open-cell metal foam.

Metal foam makes your application

... lighter

... more robust

... more compact

... visually appealing

 CoolerColored Foam


Alhedron was originated by the Applied Thermodynamics and Heat Transfer Research Group at Ghent University.

Alhedron is supported by Ghent University TechTransfer and the Ghent University Sustainable Energy Technologies consortium.

Alhedron is funded by the Industrial Research Fund (IOF) of the Flemish government and the Flemish agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT).

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